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Setting and Delivering the Assessment


Setting the Assessment

1. Any assessment set by In2assessments will be checked by at least two qualified people to ensure that the assessment content (Condition G1.1)
a) is fit for purpose by being as closely linked to the assessment criteria as is practically possible and reflects the contexts in which the learning outcomes would typically be practiced.
b) matches the assessment methods in order to accurately reflect the assessment criteria
c) conforms to any qualifications specification
1.1 As data becomes available, In2assessments will use comparisons to ensure assessments meet appropriate difficulty. This will also be used to benchmark other qualifications used to ensure consistency of difficulty across subjects.

2. In order to achieve consistency in the level of challenge set for qualifications, In2assessments provides extensive guidance to assessors through feedback and through the moderation process, as well as its initial induction and training. Awards are only made when the sampling meets the standards required for the assessment criteria. In2assessments sets assessments which:

(a) include only content that is drawn from the knowledge, skills and understanding in the specification and which ensures that the level of demand of the assessment is consistent with previous assessments; 

(b) makes it possible for learners to demonstrate, and In2assessments assessors and verifiers measure the extent to which they have the knowledge, skills and understanding required for the qualification;

(c) allows the specified level of attainment set out in the specification to be reached by a learner who has attained the required level of knowledge, skills and understanding;

(d) uses methods of assessment that are valid and are appropriate to the knowledge, skills and understanding being measured;

(e) will effectively differentiate between leaners (that is, solely on the basis of knowledge, skills and understanding being assessed);

(f) will accurately measure the knowledge, skills and understanding they are intending to measure

(Condition G1.2)

further details 

question formation lifecycle

3. Assessment criteria is outlined on the In2assessments website and within the learners welcome pack (Condition G1.3)

Language of the assessment

4. All resources and EPA's will be written or assessed in English (Condition G2.1), though use of British sign language may be used for the purpose of reasonable adjustment. (Condition G2.2)

5. Qualifications offered by In2assessments do not require learners to speak another language, therefore proficiency in English will be expected for assessments undertaken. (Condition G2.3)

6. In2assessments will only be providing qualifications that meet the language requirements of G2.1 (Condition G2.4)

Use of language and stimulus materials

7. In2assessments will ensure that language and stimulus materials conform to the requirements outlined in the Condition G3. (Condition G3.1)

In2assessments assessment material will:

(a) be fully representative of all groups covered within the equality, diversity and fair access policy;

(b) clear, precise and understandable for learners;

(c) not include unnecessary or confusing pictures, diagrams or physical resources;

(d) free from unclear interpretation or unnecessary involvement in the assessment process.

(Condition G3.2)

8. When considering the appropriate use of language and stimulus materials within the assessment process, In2assessments will take into account the age of the learners, the level and objective of the qualification undertaken and the expected knowledge, skills and understanding required to meet the criteria. Further details (Condition G3.3)

9. In2assessments will ensure that language and stimulus materials used within the assessment process do not give advantage to one group of learners over another due to the structure, framing or circumstance of the use of language or stimulus material. (Condition G3.4)

Maintaining confidentiality of assessment materials

10. In2assessments will ensure that any aspects of qualifications requiring confidentiality to support an accurate measure of attainment will be kept secret until such time as they are presented to candidates. This will be achieved through the use of web site security and/or sealed envelopes. (Condition G4.1).

No person working on behalf of In2assessments or who has previously worked for In2assessments shall divulge any specific details of any assessment during training other than in terms of general procedures, interpretation of assessment criteria or syllabuses. Any suspicion of such malpractice will be investigated and any individual found to be guilty will be subject to disciplinary action. (Condition G4.2, 4.5)

In the case of a security breach, In2assessments will investigate the breach and document its cause with a view to ensuring it cannot re-occur. The investigation will be conducted by the EPA Manager (Condition G4.6).

In2assessments offers update training on demand for any teacher or group of teachers. Low cost update training can be provided via Google Hangouts or at a physical meeting. All teachers and centres are made aware of this at the time a new Centre is registered. (Condition G4.4).

It will be a condition of all future employment contracts and all third party agreements that individuals comply with the Ofqual conditions of regulation and that the setter of an examination that needs to operate under controlled conditions does not participate in any training associated with that examination. (Condition G4.3)

If any security breach comes to light, In2assessments will investigate with a determined view to find out the course and put in place any further procedures deemed necessary to prevent and recurrence of the breach. (Condition G4.6)

11. In order to strengthen policies related to Condition G4 In2assessments will:

  • Provide training for relevant staff in the changes to the Conditions and the consequent changes to In2assessments's policies and procedures.

  • Record all training sessions for assessors.

  • Include reference to confidentiality and the responsibility of assessors to maintain confidentiality in assessor training.

  • Formally document any breaches in relation to the conditions and apply any further procedures necessary to reduce the risk of a recurrence.

The responsible officer will ensure that:

  • all those involved in the supply chain of confidential materials to the learner are fully aware of the need for confidentiality and have the skills and knowledge to act appropriately to preserve confidentiality.

  • any resources designed for assessment that need to be confidential before being used are.

The organisation qualifications design goal, in accordance with risk assessment is to be able to substitute new assessment materials quickly and with minimum disruption to learners should a breach of confidentiality occur.

Registration of learners

12. Learners registering with In2assessments will each get an individual registration/account number assigned to them. (Condition G5.1a) Learners will need to provide this number when submitting evidence or undertaking any part of the EPA. (Condition G5.1b)

Arrangements for reasonable adjustments

13. In2assessments's policy on Reasonable Adjustments and Equality, Diversity and Fair Access Policy meets the requirements of (Condition G6.1 & G6.2)

Arrangements for special consideration

14. In2assessments's policy on Special Considerations clearly outlines the arrangements and meets the requirements of (Condition G7.1 & G7.2)

Completion of the assessment under the required conditions

15. Checking learners identification and authenticity of work

In2assessments will ensure:

Each learner presenting themselves for assessment must provide a form of photographic identification from the following:

  • Current Passport

  • Driving Licence

  • Company photo ID card

  • Student ID card

Any work submitted as evidence by the learner must be supported with a signed and witnessed declaration form confirming the evidence submitted is their own work.

Assessments provided by In2assessments will be delivered in accordance with the professional bodies End-point assessment plan, ensuring learners complete each requirement of the assessment process set out within the plan.  All parts of the EPA will be assessed by In2assessments contracted independent assessors.

The only deviation to the assessment process will be where reasonable adjustments or special considerations have been registered with the assessor prior to undertaking the End-point assessment. (Condition G8.1)

Delivering the assessment (Condition G9.1; G9.2 & G9.3)

16. In2assessments's independent assessors will be responsible for delivering the assessment process across all the various qualification sectors.

In2Assessments will not involve any teaching staff in the development of its assessment process. This will be monitored through the conflict of interest declaration and standard recruitment policies.

Staff employed by In2assessments to undertake assessments will be trained, experienced and qualified within the role. On employment or contractual agreement with In2assessments, staff will undertake an induction and training programme to support them through the policies and procedures required to undertake their role. Using the Inspiring Learning on-line training programme FLOW, new and existing staff can track their progress and read and be updated on new policies and procedures ensuring that the assessment process is current and fit for purpose.

A consistent approach across the EPA process will be maintained through regular observations, feedback and sampling of the assessments undertaken by all assessors. Further training will be provided for assessors whose assessments are not reaching requirements set. Further details.

Learners will have the opportunity during every End-point assessment to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and understanding required under appropriate conditions with the equipment and resources required to fulfil the tasks set.  Assessments will be delivered with the intention to be available for all learners, but where appropriate, learners will be able to apply for reasonable adjustments to meet a disability or specific need that puts them at a disadvantage to other learners.

In2assessments will ensure there is sufficient guidance and bank questions to enable assessors to differentiate between learners for graded qualifications. Further details.

Learners putting themselves forward for tests must provide photographic identification and complete a witnessed declaration of authentication form for work they submit for evidence.


G2.1 & G2.2
G3.1 & G3.2
G3.3 & G3.4
G4.2 & G4.5
G5.1a & G5.1b
G6.1 & G6.2
G7.1 & G7.2
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