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Why Choose In2assessments?


Experienced and qualified individuals.

Driven and supported by career individuals within their respective fields, In2assessments understand you and your learners needs when it comes to providing your apprentice's End-Point Assessment. 


From beginning to end.

We are here to support you every step of the way. From registration to certification, your End-Point Assessment is made easy through regular updates and support from your dedicated account manager.


Keeping it simple.

We provide clear guidance and processes along with personal and individual approach to meet your learners assessment requirements.  Ensuring that your apprentices are well prepared for their End-Point Assessment.


Keeping you in the loop.

With years of experience within the industry and especially within customer care, we are aware how important it is to keep you informed. From our EPA welcome pack to feedback post-assessment, In2assessments will ensure that your apprentices are supported every step of their assessment journey.

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