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Change of Control Policy

This policy applies to the Apprenticeship End Point Assessments (EPA) provided by In2assessments 
1.    Scope of policy
This policy outlines the circumstances under which either there is a change in the structure or personnel of In2assesments

2.    Who is this policy for?
    Governing Body, Governing Committee, Management Team

3.    Introduction
This policy comes into effect when there is a change in:
    the directorship and in turn a change in the Governing Body of In2assessments
    the Responsible Officer
    the Head of In2assessments
The purpose of this policy is to provide the process to enhance communication of change, provide standards to the expectations of communications, and review processes for validating change. 
• To ensure that all changes are applied with the correct authorisation.
• To ensure that all relevant stake holders are aware of changes and ensure any processes/procedures/documentation/asset register information that requires updating is appropriately updated and all relevant parties are aware of the change and its implications. 
It is the responsibility of all staff and managers that these procedures are followed.

4.    The Policy
Change of Directorship
When there has been a change to the listed directors of In2action and therefore In2assessments, the Governing Committee will meet to discuss the implications and the necessary requirements to instate the new director/s into the role of Governing Body. These will include the necessary checks and disclosures required to undertake the role.

The new directors should be given access to previous minutes and records of meetings held by the Governing Body and the Governing Committee.  They should also be provided with any information request to the Governing Committee that helps them to understand and transition into the role with the minimal amount of impact.

Whilst there is any delay in the appointment of new directors, or within the induction of new directors into position, control will be maintained with the Governing Committee to ensure the minimal impact on the service and provision of assessments to apprentices.

If a change in Directorship / Ownership creates a new direction for the group and the Governing Body along with the Responsible Officer will submit a withdrawal request and follow the In2assesssments withdrawal policy to ensure the minimal impact upon the assessment process and those apprentices committed or preparing for EPA.

Change of Responsible Officer
Where there is the potential for a change in Responsible Officer, either due to change in personnel or change in organisational structure, this will be discussed, and the new Responsible Officer will be decided and appointed by the Governing Committee.

Following any new appointment, it is a requirement that Ofqual and all other relevant stake holders are informed of the change and all relevant policies and documents should be amended and updated.

Any impact on the operation of In2assessments should be minimised and should have no effect on the delivery and assessment of qualifications offered.  To enable this, the role of Responsible Officer will be deputised by the EPA Manager during the period of time until the change of appointment. The EPA Manger will attend the Governing Committee meetings as part of this deputised role.


Change of Head of In2assessments
To minimise the impact of the Head of In2assessments leaving the post, they are contracted to give three months’ notice to the Governing Body. This will give time for the Governing Body and Governing Committee to appoint a new Head of In2assessments and ensure a smooth transition of control. 

If the Head of In2assessments is removed from their post subject to a disciplinary procedure, then the Governing Committee will seek to appoint a replacement as soon as possible and provide support and guidance to the EPA Manager to deputise within the role whilst a replacement is found. This may include appointment of additional temporary staff to ensure that the EPA Manager is able to deputise the role in a manner to meet EPA demand.

It will be the responsibility of the Governing Body and Governing Committee, to ensure that there is minimal impact upon the assessment processes planned and delivered by In2assessments.

It is the responsibility of the Governing Committee to ensure that all stakeholders involved in In2assessments are informed of any changes to the management and operation of In2assessments. This should be done both in writing and through updates to various communication channels.

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