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Providing qualifications to purchasers

Section F. Rules about providing information on qualification fees and features, packaging qualifications with other products or services, and invoicing.

Information on fees

Making fee information available

1. A list of the fees for the various qualifications offered by In2Assessments can be found here. ( website) (Condition F1.1) The fees are clearly stated and are right at the time of publishing and are reviewed on a six monthly basis and any alterations are published in full on the In2Assessments website. (Condition F.1.2

Making fee information available to satisfy the planning requirements of purchasers

2. Fees are clearly stated for the qualifications that In2Assessments provide. Purchasers will be able to see what fees will be associated for their planned requirements.  Course EPA fees will be held within the guidelines of the maximum of 20% of the overall course fee. EPA fees for resits/retakes and for appeals and complaints procedures will be reviewed and published on an annual basis.  Those partners already in contract will not have their fees changed without a three month prior notice. (Condition F1.3)  Where In2Assessments plan to offer qualifications not yet accredited for, they will publicise the planned offer and the rates that are expected to be charged, fees will be outlined on the In2action-epa website allowing both the awarding organisation and Centres time to plan future intake. Where the fees are unknown due to a qualification waiting for approval, In2Assessments will provide a guide price that will be clearly labelled as such. (Condition F1.4)

The qualifications that In2Assessments offer will be publicised on its website and will be available for those outside England. Though currently In2Assessments will not be able to offer qualifications to organisations not registered to receive English qualifications. (Condition F1.5)

Packaging qualifications with other products or services

Packages offered as an option

3. In2Assessments does not intend to offer qualifications as part of a package or service. If this was to change then, In2Assessments would outline this change within its annual report and ensure that all purchasers knew that qualifications were available separate from such packages or services. (Condition F2.1)

In2Assessments will seek regular feedback from its clients to ensure that the qualifications meet the needs of its requirements. Where a Centre may seek a service or additional award as part of a package, In2Assessments will put into place measures to ensure that these additions are appropriate and cost effective. (Condition F2.2)


Invoicing Purchasers

Invoices will be sent to purchasers/Centres on receipt of a signed Service Level Contract within 3 working days. Learners will not be able to register for the service until payment has been received from the Centre/Training Provider.

Invoices will provide a clear breakdown of the fees required, both at registration and when the Learner has reached Gateway. Invoices will contain the following information:

  1. Number of learners registered for qualification

  2. The amount being invoiced on this occasion - Registration or following Gateway

  3. The date the invoice should be paid - highlighting that learner registration will be delayed until payment received

  4. Customer/Purchaser order number - required for any future payment communication

  5. How to add additional learners - updated invoices

(Condition F3.1)

The written invoicing Policy

See Debs re invoicing Terms and Conditions

(Condition F3.2, F3.3)

F1.1 & F1.2
F1.3, F1.4 & F1.5
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