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EPA3 Notification to Ofqual of certain events in relation to EPAs

Notification where an event could have an Adverse Effect

EPA3.1 In2Assessments will promptly inform Ofqual where it believes an event will have an adverse effect on its ability to award qualifications or puts In2Assessments into a position where it can't meet the requirements set out by Ofqual for awarding organisations.

EPA3.2 These could include:

(a) where there is a substantial error in the In2Assessments assessment materials,

(b) where there has been a loss or theft of, or breach of confidentiality in, any assessment materials,

(c) where there In2Assessments cannot supply assessment materials for a scheduled assessment date,

(d) where there has been a failure in the delivery of an assessment which threatens assessors' ability to differentiate accurately and consistently between the levels of attainment demonstrated by learners,

(e) where In2Assessments is unable to meet a published date for issue of results,

(f) where In2Assessments has issued incorrect results

(g) where In2Assessments believes that there has been an incident of malpractice or maladministration, which could either invalidate the award of a qualification which it makes available or could affect another awarding organisation,

(h) where In2Assessments has (for any reason, whether inside or outside its control) incurred an increase in costs which it anticipates will result in an increase in its fees of significantly more that the rate of inflation,

(i) where In2Assessments is named as a party in any criminal or civil proceedings or is subjected to a regulatory investigation or sanction by any professional, regulatory, or government body,

(j) where a Senior Officer of In2Assessments is a party to criminal proceedings (other than minor driving offences), is subject to any action for disqualification as a company director, or is subject to disciplinary proceedings by an professional, regulatory, or government body,

(k) where In2Assessments believes that the assessment plan has or could have an Adverse Effect, including in particular where the assessment plan has given, or could give, rise to an assessment that is not fit for purpose,

(l) where In2Assessments cannot, or is unlikely to be able to, deliver an assessment effectively, including where In2Assessments does not have an adequate number of Assessors to deliver the assessment effectively, or

(m) where In2Assessments believes that it is, or is likely to be, unable to deliver or award an EPA in accordance with the Conditions of Recognition as a result of an unexpected rise in demand for the qualification.


a) In2Assessments will promptly notify Ofqual if it is, or has case to believe that it is likely to be subject to the following:

(i) there is a material change in the governance structure or legal status of In2Assessments,

(ii) there is a change of control of In2Assessments, including its head or Governing Body or ownership of the Inspiring Learning group,

(iii) there is a merger between In2Assessments and another body,

(iv) In2Assessments is involved in any insolvency of bankruptcy proceedings,

(v) In2Assessments is removed or subject to removal from the register of End-Point Assessment Organisations,

b) where a review of the assessment plan for an EPA which it makes available or proposes to make available, is proposed or initiated, or

c) where any change is made, or proposed, to the assessment plan for an EPA which In2Assessments makes available or proposes to make available, whether following a review or otherwise.


Following the prompt notification of an event to Ofqual, In2Assessments will continue to keep Ofqual informed on the steps and actions it intends or has in place to mitigate against any Adverse Effect that could affect In2Assessments keeping to the Conditions of Recognition and its ability to provide qualifications that are fit for purpose.


In2Assessments will not delay informing Ofqual due to lack of information. In2Assessments will provide Ofqual with the information it currently has available and will set out schedule and update information when and as it becomes available.

EPA Levels


(a) In2Assessments will assign one or more levels to each EPA which it makes available or proposes to make available,

(b) In2Assessments will ensure that each of these levels that it assigns will reflect the levels outlined in the Apprenticeship Standard,

(c) where the levels in the Apprenticeship Standards are changed, In2Assessments will review each level assigned to the qualification and will ensure that they meet the conditions outlined in the revised Standard.


In2Assessments will take all reasonable steps to:

(a) give Ofqual reasonable notice of its anticipated revision of a level assigned to an EPA, and

(b) will notify Ofqual of such a revision prior to the time at which it provides that information to any Users of the EPA.


Where In2Assessments is required to revise a level assigned to an EPA it will promptly inform Ofqual whether it is either:

(a) going to withdraw the qualification, or 

(b) continue and follow the process outlined in EPA4.4 and EPA4.5


Where In2Assessments does not intend to withdraw the qualification, it will ensure that:

(a) all learners who could be potentially affected by the change in the qualification will be provided with a level of protection ensuring that they can complete a qualification that they have already started. Whilst still meeting the new requirements of the qualification,

(b) it provides Ofqual with a written revision plan outlining how it intends to protect the interests of learners in relation to the qualifications offered, 

(c) it provides clear and comprehensive information regarding the changes to the qualification to learners and outlining how their interest will be protected and managed to ensure that they are able to undertake assessment for their qualification.


In2Assessments will ensure that any revision plan will take into consideration the guidance and requirements proposed by Ofqual regarding changes to the qualification.

Technical Evaluation


In2Assessments will ensure that each EPA that it makes available, or proposes to make available will comply with:

(a) any terms or written notice served or issued by Ofqual to In2Assessments to provide evidence or information regarding its ability to meet its Conditions of Recognition, and

(b) any requirements specified or requested from Ofqual in relation to qualifications offered or proposed.


In2Assessments understands that Ofqual when giving notice may specify a time in which the information should be provided and will commit to meeting this deadline. In2Assessments will also provide information in the format requested by Ofqual whether it is information already held or required to be created for the purpose of the information request.

Interpretation and Definitions

EPA6.1- 6.4

In2Assessments will comply with the interpretations and definitions as outlined in the General Conditions J1 and the EPA Qualification Level Conditions. Where there may be an inconsistency between these two Conditions, In2Assessments will comply with the requirements of the EPA Qualification Level Condition as specified in EPA6.3. In2Assessments will meet these conditions with consideration to the definitions outlined in J1.8 along with the addition points, Assessment Plan, Apprenticeship Standard, Gateway Requirement and Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations as outline in EPA6.4

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