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Third Parties

Section C. Rules about arrangements with third parties, including centres and publishers

Arrangements with Third Parties

1. Where In2Assessments requires skills & expertise within the development and delivery of qualifications, it will enter a legally binding agreement with an individual or organisation to complement its assessment process.

Where these agreements exist within the regulated qualifications, partners must agree in accordance to the contract to abide by the regulatory conditions as applied to In2Assessments. Any breach of the contract could result in a termination of the agreement / or legal action. In2Assessments will meet with and monitor partners to ensure that standards are consistent. (Condition C1.1)

In2Assessments has no intention to enter into an agreement with a third party to undertake, on its behalf, any part of the award of the qualifications which the awarding organisation makes available, or proposes to make available. (Condition C1.1), (Condition C1.2)

These partnerships are built upon strong relationships, where clear dialogue and minimal bureaucratic demands provide the working environment to meet the constraints of the regulatory conditions.  In2Assessments planned contracted software technology will significantly reduce the administrative burden associated with gathering assessment evidence.  Feedback is sort to improve these systems and procedures where possible. In2Assessments will not be held accountable for misrepresentations or malpractice of third parties. Whilst In2Assessments takes full responsibility for the integrity of the accredited qualifications it awards, In2Assessments and only In2Assessments awards certificates carrying the In2Assessments and regulators' logo and is accountable for them to the regulations. (Conditions C1.2)

Arrangements with Centres

2. Where the term Centre is referred to within this policy and following procedures it relates to Employers and Training Providers. In2Assessments will provide web-based support for all centres to ensure they:

  1. Can hold and transmit securely, details of assessment outcomes to the Awarding Organisation.

  2. Have access to systems that support the assessments, the award and the recording of exemptions.

  3. Can track progress of learners towards target awards.

Where a Service Level Contract is drawn up between a Centre and In2Assessments, the Centre will be required to sign an agreement  (Condition C2.2) outlining the Terms & Conditions (Condition C2.3) which will be legally binding and require the Centre to comply with C1 above.

Centre Withdrawal

2.1. Where an employer/provider does not wish to continue to work with In2assessments as their EPAO, there will be a requirement to give notice as a centre. This should be done by emailing In2Assessments via – with subject centre withdrawal and providing reasons and date from withdrawal is to commence. In2Assessments ideally requests a notice period of four weeks, to ensure alternative assessment arrangements if required can be made and apprentices are notified accordingly. It is within the interest if both the Centre and In2Assessments to ensure that all learners impacted by the withdrawal are not affected in their ability to complete their EPA. If a learner has had a date scheduled and payment has been received for their EPA, then this will be honoured by In2Assessments. Learners who have not reached gateway will be subject to the actions of the Centre's revised pans for EPA. Where a Centre has withdrawn or cancelled their Service Level Contract due to liquidation or closure, In2Assessments will work with the training provider where possible to support learners to transfer and complete their apprenticeship or at least their EPA. (Condition C2.4)

Supporting Centres Involvement in Qualifications

2.2. Due to the structure of the assessment plans, employers/centres will not be required to support the assessment process. The whole of the assessment process will be delivered and managed by In2assessments independent assessors.

Condition C2.5)

Arrangements with Publishers

3. In2Assessments will ensure that any resource material used within its assessment process will not:

  • Cause an Adverse Effect on the learners EPA through either:-

    • being priced beyond a reasonable budget​

    • limited, therefore difficult to obtain

  • Endorse a resource that could provide preferential treatment or particular favour to a provider

  • Imply that a resources with a particular logo, from either In2Assessments, or a publisher with not give a learner an advantage or is required for the completion of a qualification. 

(Condition C3.1)

In2Assessments will not go into partnership with any publishers that use endorse a resource that promotes or insinuates that a learner will gain an advantage from using their resource.

Those staff involved in the designing of resources or buying in of resources will be required to disclose any conflicts of interests in regard to those resources.  In2Assessments will only recommended open source software that is licensed for general use. (Condition C3.2)

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