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In2Assessments and Ofqual

Responsible Officer

1. The person responsible for maintaining the quality of all regulated functions is Barry Kaufman-Hill. He will act as responsible officer in keeping with the requirements of (Condition B1.1). He is authorised by the Governing Body to make all binding agreements, contracts and major decisions on behalf of In2Assessments.  Due to the limited personnel employed by In2Assessments, the use of multiple roles is manageable, and required. The level of risk is low due to the knowledge and experience of Alex Williamson to delegate this role and works in favour in reducing the level of risk against the identified conflicts of interest within other sectors of the parent organisation.

This page is available to Ofqual at all times and will allow Ofqual to check who the appointed Responsible Officer is at any time. (Condition B1.2)

Barry Kaufman-Hill is in regular contact with all employees of In2Assessments and its partners and has a comprehensive understanding of the qualifications and the awarding body.  Equality and Diversity Policy  (Condition B1.3)

2. The Responsible Officer will provide accurate and truthful statements to Ofqual and respond to any statement request or notice in a timely manner and with due diligence on behalf of In2Assessments (Condition B1.4)

3. The Governing Body is committed to ensuring that the Responsible Officer has the authority, and the support and resources of the Inspiring Learning Group to carry out the role to meet its requirements for the condition of recognition. (Condition B1.5)

Annual Statement of Compliance

4. The Responsible Officer will provide Ofqual with an annual statement about In2Assessments compliance with the conditions at that current time. (Condition B2.1) The statement will be an accurate response to the request from Ofqual and will be approved and signed by the Chair of the Governing Body, Alex Williamson and the Responsible Officer, Barry Kaufman-Hill. (Condition B2.2)

Where the Responsible Office cannot assure full compliance, they will outline in writing actions required to address any issues and a planned time frame for resolution of those issues. (Condition B2.3) The statement will also indicate how In2Assessments will maintain its compliance for the next twelve months or will outline where it suspects issues of compliance and actions being put in place to mitigate these issues. (Condition B2.4)

Notification to Ofqual of Certain Events

5. (Condition B3) does not apply to Ofqual-regulated apprenticeships end-point assessments - Please refer to conditions in EPA3

Notice to provide information to Ofqual

6. The Responsible Officer will provide Ofqual any information as requested to In2Assessments, in a timely, accurate and appropriate way. (Condition B4.1) The Responsible Office will provide the necessary supporting data, documents or information as requested by Ofqual in the format that they outline. This could include data already held by In2Assessments, or which will require a level of research and preparation. (Condition B4.2)

Representations regarding qualifications

7. In2Assessments and all its employees are clear on those qualifications that are provided by In2action-epa and how they fall within the distinction of regulated qualifications.  In2Assessments has currently no intention of providing non-regulated qualifications. Were this to change then the Responsible Officer would notify this intention in their annual statement and outline how a clear distinction between regulated and non-regulated qualifications will be managed. (Condition B5.1)

In2action-epa will be clear within its marketing and promotion what qualifications it offers, the levels, time frame and costs. (Condition B5.2)

Where third party logos are used In2Assessments will adhere to the terms and conditions of use. Where Ofqual logos are used the IIn2Assessments will work to the stated Logo Requirements as published at the time. (Condition B5.3)

Cooperation with Ofqual

8. It is the policy of In2Assessments to work in cooperation with Ofqual to monitor and maintain its compliance and delivery of qualifications. (Condition B6.1)

Compliance with Regulatory Documents

9. In2Assessments will maintain up to date Regulatory Documents on file and will integrate them in its information management systems to ensure that they are part of the day to day management of the organisation. These documents form the foundation for operating in a risk conscious approach to awarding qualifications. In2Assessments will abide by all documented requirements, (Condition B7.1) and will take due notice of all recommendations and guidelines for good practice set out in regulatory documents. (Condition B7.2)

Compliance with undertakings given to Ofqual

10. Where In2Assessments is required to comply with Ofqual the Responsible Officer will take full responsibility in meeting this compliance and be accountable for any actions taken. (Condition B8.1)

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