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Annual declaration policy document


The purpose of this document is to check the suitability of Senior Officers for In2assessments. The declaration form in Appendix 1 is to be completed by the Senior Officer to prevent an act of omission where the following could have an adverse effect on the operations and its legal standing to deliver End Point Assessments:

a. been convicted of a criminal offence.

b. been held in breach by a court or any professional, regulatory or government body of any provision of completion law, equalities law or data protection law.

c. been held in breach by a court or any professional, regulatory or government body of any provision of any other legislation or regulatory obligation which it is subject.

d. become insolvent or subject to corporate financial restructuring.


By completing the form, the senior officer commits to the legal terms required for the governance of the End Point Assessment Organisation, In2assessments.

Senior Officers will complete the declaration on the 1st April every year or on the start of their employment.

The declaration is seen as an essential document alongside the DBS check required for working for Inspiring Learning. DBS Checks will be undertaken before employment is taken up and are reviewed with the DBS checking service on a 3 year lifecycle.

Where a Senior Officer is in breach of one of the above statements, the other Senior Officers will determine the adverse effect this will have upon In2assessments meeting its obligations as an End Point Assessment Organisation. In2assessments where possible will mitigate against this adverse effect and take appropriate action regarding the position of the Senior Officer upon the Governing Committee of In2assessments.


It is the responsibility of each Senior Officer to complete their annual declaration form. These will be collated and stored by The Head of In2assessments in accordance with the Inspiring Learning GDPR Policy.


The Head of In2assessments will review this policy on an annual basis (first week of December) to ensure that it meets the requirements of the various awarding bodies and the needs of In2assessments. 


Appendix A

Annual Declaration Form for governors, directors, managers, and Senior Officers


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