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Appeals and Certificates

Section I. Rules about appeals, complaints and the content, design and issuing of certificates

Appeals Process

1. The following Appeals Process is in place for In2Assessments for the qualifications it offers in regard of appeals brought against:

This may also relate to incidents where an investigation of malpractice or maladministration has been brought about by a whistle-blower.

(Condition I1.1)

2. In2Assessments will convene a panel consisting of assessors, internal verifiers and a member of the governing committee and at least one person contracted externally for the purpose of the appeal process. Assessors and Internal verifiers chosen for the appeal, will not have been involved in the learners EPA process at any point. Where the appeal is being brought against the management of In2Assessments, then the panel assembled will be brought together from a range of contracted external advisors and will be chaired by the Head of In2Assessments. The timings for the outcome of the process are detailed in the Appeals Process. (Condition I1.2) The outcome of the process will be written up and forwarded to the Training Provider.

3. The appeals process will be available both on the In2Assessments website and within the leaners registration information. Forms for appeals will be available from the website. (Condition I1.3)

4. Following any appeal process, there EPA Manager will review the appeal to gather if any other learner had been affected by the same incident. Where there is a failure in the assessment process, any correction will be rectified and learners informed of the outcome. Where an incident cannot be rectified, the EPA Manager will look at ways to mitigate the possibility of similar failures in the future. (Condition I1.4)

Compliance with Ofqual's appeals and complaints process

5. In2Assessments agrees to comply with the measures put into place by Ofqual regarding their appeals and complaints requirements and will make good any shortcomings in the qualifications provided as regulations are updated. In2action will adapt its own systems and procedures to meet these new measures as and when required. (Condition I2.1)

6. In2Assessments will consider and address every appeal or complaint brought against its EPA process and will review and act on each outcome to amend a learners result or change the process and In2Assessments policies where appropriate. In2Assessments will see this as an improvement on its service, rather than a reflection of its performance. (Condition I2.2)

7. As with condition I1.4, In2Assessments will ensure that any failure in the assessment process that such an appeal or complaint highlights the possible effect on learners beyond this initial submission. In2Assessments will take all steps to identify, other learners who could or have been effected by this failure; correct any wrong doing and review and mitigate the effect or any possible future occurrence. (Condition I2.3)

8. In2Assessments will adjust its own systems and procedures to make good any shortcomings that arise as a result of Ofquals findings when scrutinising other awarding organisations. (Condition I2.4) This will apply to potential as well as actual failures. At all times the integrity of awards made to learners will be highest priority. (Condition I2.5)

I2.4, I2.5
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